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Dimethyl carbonate: the new darling of paint solvent
Issues the date:2009.04.23

With the growing awareness of environmental protection, low-pollution products, low toxicity, environmental protection has become a trend. As a result of special functional coatings and industrial coatings for high performance requirements of the application of solvent-based paint in a very long period of time will be well represented. Therefore, actively explore replacing toxic solvents with low toxicity is important harmful solvents. And dimethyl carbonate (DMC) as a solvent for a class of low toxicity, combined with its easy to get raw materials, production easy to implement, easier to expand capacity, reduce costs, so the current alternative with its toxic and hazardous solvents is a good choice . This is the news in the coatings industry by the Chinese Association and the Shandong Dongying Xinyuan Haike Chemical Co., Ltd., Anhui Tongling Chemical Industrial Co., Kim co-organized by the application of dimethyl carbonate at the meeting that the exchange of information.

Exchange at the China Coating Industry Association researcher Liu Guojie on trends in the development of solvent-based coating composition and paint at home and abroad, including solvent-borne coatings vitality analysis carried out in simple terms that the solvent-borne coatings in China accounted for the proportion of the total paint about 55%, reduced by 1.5% annually to 2% of the terms of the proportion, but also about 13 years experience abroad in order to achieve solvent-based paints now account for 30% of the total coating level. Therefore, solvent-based paint is still a considerable period of time has a certain market, the direction of its development in addition to high-solid differentiation, the current effective way is to take the low toxicity solvents in place of toxic and hazardous solvents, to reduce environmental pollution. Dimethyl carbonate with some alternative toxic paint with a solvent to promote the value of the current.

As a transesterification of dimethyl carbonate production and its downstream products, the company, Anhui Tongling Chemical Industrial Co., Kim, Deputy General Manager Huang gave a presentation at the exchange is about to start their annual production capacity of 30,000 tons of dimethyl carbonate ester item. It is said that the construction of the project is not only the ex-situ expansion, the system is also integrated into a number of new energy saving measures to change the tower structure and product distribution of the distillation method and adds a small amount of equipment, The main economic and technical indicators to make 10,000 tons in the old system based on a clear optimization, in order to ensure that further enhance product quality and stability on the multi-line specifications, multi-grade products to meet different customer base and demand for consumption.

Haike Dongying Xinyuan Chemical Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Wang Ji Feng space to reporters at the meeting, introduced the current domestic production of dimethyl carbonate conditions, that part of paint in addition to powder coatings and water-based paint, the large part of the solvent - paint. In solvent-based paint, containing a large number of organic solvents in conventional liquid about 40% ~ 50%. These solvents include aliphatic hydrocarbons, aromatic hydrocarbons, esters, ketones, alcohols, etc., most of them toxic, in the production of paint and construction process, the release of large amounts of toxic volatile organic solvents, on the atmospheric environment and human a serious impact on health. It is a fervent hope that is in line with the requirements of environmental protection and nature with a variety of low toxicity solvents or new non-toxic solvent. Dimethyl Carbonate as a new type of low toxicity solvents in paints and adhesives and other industries have successfully applied for many years, to replace the currently used toluene, ethyl acetate, butyl acetate, solvents such as acetone or butanone, products of environmental protection, technology is mature, affordable, not only for distempers Mastics, furniture paint, car paint, etc., can also be used in adhesive industry, the prospects for a wide range of applications. To this end, 15,000 tons in the country of origin of dimethyl carbonate, based on the invested 80 million yuan, a new 30,000 tons of dimethyl carbonate project (see press title photo). To ensure cost-effective products in the same time, they will pay more attention to the areas of logistics services.

Bauhinia paints (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. introduced the person of dimethyl carbonate in their application of products.

Paint more than 30 enterprises, more than 50 delegates attended the meeting, we showed the application of dimethyl carbonate and the future of great interest is also reflected in the use of some of the problems encountered in the hope that the production of dimethyl carbonate and application of enterprise businesses together to dimethyl carbonate in the application of paint to do better to promote the greater the surface to replace the toxic and hazardous solvents with low toxicity solvent faster forward.

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